1. General Terms
1.2. These terms and conditions, hereinafter – Terms, regulate the procedure of conclusion of the purchase agreement, hereinafter – the Agreement, via Platform (see Clause 1.4) between the Autstraction (see Clause 1.3) and the Purchaser (see Clause 1.5). Additionally these Terms regulate the procedure of submission of the Artwork to the Platform and Autstraction by the Vulnerable Person (see Clause 1.6);
1.3. Autstraction – Association “Autstraction” (biedrība “Autstraction”), reg. No 40008304003, registered in Latvia, Riga, Gertrudes street 10 – 18, Riga.
1.4. Platform – electronic platform available in www.autstraction.com which is being utilized by Autstraction for sale of painted visual artwork, hereinafter – the Artwork. Definition of Artwork includes relevant digital copy (file) of the Artwork;
1.5. Purchaser – a person which is either:
1.5.1. a private individual that has reached at least 16 (sixteen) years of age and is in the possession of valid payment card registered on his / her name, or
1.5.2. a legal entity.
1.6. Vulnerable Person – a person defined in Clause 2.2.1 of Terms submitting his Artwork to the Platform;
1.7. These Terms might be unilaterally amended by Autstraction, however all such amendments shall be done according to applicable law.

2. Information on Autstraction
2.2. Autstraction is a charity organization that has following objectives:
2.2.1. to raise public awareness on the necessity to render assistance in educating and socializing individuals with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, hereinafter – Vulnerable Persons;
2.2.2. to encourage and promote communication and dialogue of Vulnerable Persons with the public;
2.2.3. to use the Association’s funding for promoting all and any such initiatives or actions that are aimed at encouraging, expanding or ensuring socialization or assistance required for Vulnerable Persons;
2.2.4. to make investments and payments in pursuit of any objectives for creating new instruments or for developing the existing instruments targeted at socialization or defense of Vulnerable Persons;
2.2.5. to raise donations to cover the costs associated with the achievement of the Association’s objectives.
2.3. Additional information on Autstraction and aims of Platform can be found in “About” section of www.autstraction.com.
2.4. All contacts of Autstraction can be found in Section No 7 of Terms.

3. Artwork / Submission of the Artwork
3.2. Platform accepts for listing and sale Artwork which is created solely by Vulnerable Persons.
3.3. Not the Autstraction, nor any of Artists shall undertake any responsibility or guaranty that any of Artworks sold via the Platform holds or bears any measurable artistic value.
3.4. Artwork can be submitted to the Platform via Artist’s Cabinet being available in “Login / Register” section of www.autstraction.com.
3.5. After the submission of the Artwork via Artist’s Cabinet the representative of Autstraction will contact the person that has submitted relevant Artwork and both parties (Autstraction and relevant Vulnerable person (or his legitimate representative)) shall negotiate terms and conditions according to which relevant Artwork shall be physically delivered to Autstraction, subsequently sold to a Purchaser and relevant amount of resources distributed between Vulnerable Person and Autstraction.
3.6. Parties shall agree on all aspects mentioned in Clause 3.4 of Terms via email correspondence which shall serve as the evidence of reached agreement.
3.7. All Artwork and electronic copies of Artwork that is listed in Platform with indicated sale price is subject to sale to any willing Purchaser at the price which is indicated by the Platform.

4. Conclusion of the Agreement
4.2. Once the Purchaser has selected an Artwork which is placed in Shopping Chart and the Purchaser via the Platform has made a payment of relevant purchase price than it is considered that the sale agreement of the selected Artwork between Autstraction and the Purchase is concluded.
4.3. Once the Agreement is concluded, the representative of Autstraction shall contact the Purchaser and via an email agree on the term and conditions of physical delivery of the Artwork to the Purchaser. Relevant email correspondence shall serve as the evidence on agreed Artwork delivery terms.
4.4. The consent of the Purchaser to pay the purchase price shall be considered as the Purchaser’s consent to these Terms.

5. Charity donations
5.1. The Platform permits any willing person to make a charity donations, hereinafter – Donations, to Autstraction.
5.2. All charity Donations are utilized according to registered Articles of Association of the Autstraction.

6. Applicable law
6.1. These Terms are drafted according to Latvian law and any disputes that rise between any involved persons shall be adjudicated by Latvian general jurisdiction courts.
6.2. Parties agree that Privacy Policy of Autstraction is applicable to Purchaser and Vulnerable Person as provided by relevant section “Data Privacy” of www.austraction.com.

7. Withdrawal rights
7.1. Any Purchaser that is private individual and according to applicable law at the same time falls within the scope of definition of consumer shall have the withdrawal rights, hereinafter – Withdrawal Rights, to unilaterally withdraw from a concluded and valid Agreement.
7.2. Withdrawal Rights shall be utilized (if decided so by relevant Purchaser) within 14 (fourteen days) from the day when relevant Purchaser has received the Artwork acquired via the Platform.
7.3. In case the Purchaser shall utilize Withdrawal Rights and withdraw from Agreement, Autstraction shall return all payments received from the Purchaser, including delivery costs (except for the additional costs incurred due to the fact that the Purchaser has chosen a mode of delivery which is not our proposed least expensive standard delivery mode), without undue delay, and in any case no later than within 14 days from the day when Autstraction has been made aware of Purchaser’s decision to withdraw from the Agreement. Refunding will be done using the same payment instrument that the Purchaser used for the original transaction, unless the Purchaser has clearly agreed otherwise. In any case, the Purchaser will not be charged any fee in connection with any such refunding.
7.4. In case the Purchaser desires to utilize Withdrawal Rights, the Purchaser is invited to send an email to Autstraction on relevant desire and Autstraction will provide the Purchaser with all paperwork (facilitating fill in forms) required to finalize Purchaser’s withdrawal in due course.

8. Contacts
8.1. Physical mail shall be sent to Autstraction to following address: Gertrudes street 10 – 18, Riga, Latvia, LV – 1010;
8.2. Official email communication with Autstraction shall be done via info@autstraction.com;
8.3. Representatives of Autstraction can be contacted by phone: +34637353607.