Autstraction is a charity art platform created to help talented people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

We believe that everyone has a right to be heard. Often, a person with ASD cannot communicate in the form familiar to the modern world. But he expresses his emotions, feelings, pain, and desires through creativity.

We designed this community to connect artists with the ASD, empowering them to tell their story and unleash their talent.

Irina Markova – Shagal, a famous Israeli artist with Russian roots, is curating this project. She inherited her talent from the great relative Marc Shagal, a world-renown avant-garde artist. You may find Irina’s works in public institutions and private collections around the world.

How the art platform works:

The artist sends us his work, and together we set the terms of sale. We do not frame artists’ participation based on their donations from the sale of paintings to the platform. Our experience shows that you can always find a common language to support the platform.

The curator helps to arrange the publication of the painting on the platform.

Anyone can find information about the artist and the work itself and purchase paintings they like.

If you didn’t find anything that you like, then feel free to donate a convenient amount.

We sincerely hope to break society’s stereotypes and show the colourful and rich personality of people who live among us and at the same time in their own world is. The funds received from the sale of paintings will be used to create and develop a project for the socialization of people with ASD.

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The story of the Autstraction origin

Story of the project’s creator, Damir.

“My name is Damir, and I am Autistic. I understood and remembered everything from early childhood, but the adults communicated with me like with a baby since I started talking late.

I’ve always thought like an adult, but still in a different way. It took me a long time to realize how different it is.

By the first grade, I knew everything written in encyclopaedias, and I wanted to share this knowledge with people. It turned out that you need to sit silently and motionless at your school desk. The whole world worked according to rules that seemed very strange to me. When you are different from others, you are not welcome at school, sports clubs, or cafes.

Everything becomes understandable only when there is a loving person nearby who will protect you and will be able to explain the way other people live and think. I am glad I could help create a method of understanding an ordinary person’s speech and rules for autistic people. “

A story of Damir’s mother, Svetlana.

Project creation and development is a very time-consuming process. Damir really wanted to be useful for the project. Once he asked for paint, canvas and began to paint, he did not allow anyone to enter the room while working. When the first painting was ready, Damir showed it and asked: “Is it possible to sell my painting to help launch a project for autists faster?”

We could not hold back tears… Damir asked: “Are you crying because you don’t like it, and I wasted money on paints and canvas?” We answered that people could cry for joy. He calmed down and said that he named the picture “THE MIND”, and it will show others how the autistic mind works.

We were overwhelmed with joy and pride because we had no idea that Damir had such a gift hidden inside, which he could reveal thanks to the desire to help. We still have many to learn about Damir and hope that this will happen soon.