Damir Golovenko


Damir is the founder of the Autstraction movement. He was diagnosed with a severe form of Autism at the age of 3. Now Damir is 13, he is fluent at 4 different languages, attends an ordinary school, has “non – autistic” friends, and is ready to become a scientist to enliven his invaluable guidance on mechanisms of perception used by autistic people.

Svetlana Golovenko


Svetlana has developed a unique socialization method for autistic individuals helping them to adopt to the conventional world of today. Svetlana advises the Autstraction team as regards allocation of the raised donations.

Olesja Chernovol


Even if with high ability to draw, Olesja is very down to earth person. Therefore, Olesja as the Director leads all practical aspects of running our initiatives.

Sintia Tomaseite


Sintia is in arts! She knows the meaning of abstraction and thus is entrusted with the artistic part of the project.

Natalia Mirzojeva


Natalia is multiskilled, however her main expertise is copywriting. Not a single line written by the Autstraction team sees the light without scrupulous check and proofreading by Natalia.

Ilona Ansone


Ilona assists Autstraction as our Charity Ambassador. Her input is invaluable and highly needed for us.

Olga Zavyalova


Olga is full of energy and always ready for new acquaintances and challenges. Due to these qualities, Olga ensures the development of our project.