We have founded the charity organization Autstraction and the online platform bearing the same name for autistic artists (kids and grownups) to have a platform for demonstrating and offering their paintings of abstract art to the rest of the World. This helps Autistic individuals express themselves and brings the so needed sense of independence into their lives.

However, we are just getting started, and a lot more needs to be done. We intend to develop accessible specialized online educational and entertainment tools and adjusted electronic assistants to guide autistic people through their everyday challenges and tasks in a handy mobile form (via their smartphones or specialized gadgets). Every assisted kid or grownup gives huge practical relief to his parents, siblings, and relatives.

Currently, Autstraction is financed by its creators. Thus, Autstraction is entirely self – funded. Therefore, we invite everyone to contribute to Autstraction in every possible way.

Please apply via info@autstraction.com.

Thank you!