We encourage you to create your artwork of abstraction as you see it. Show everyone how you see the World!

People with autism are exceptionally talented. We aim to ensure that their talent is decently represented and widely known. Therefore, we encourage every autistic individual to create his visual work of abstraction.

There are no specific rules you need to follow. Release your imagination! We accept paintings created in any style, technique and irrespective the size. Please show us through your artwork how you perceive this World.

Your thoughts while creating the artwork are equally important and valuable. We kindly ask every artist to enclose a written description of their paintings. Please share with us the concepts you were visualizing while painting. You can add the description on the site under “Artist’s Cabinet” sub-section “Description of the Picture”.


Please submit your Artwork via the Artist’s Cabinet to Autstraction. We will arrange your artwork delivery by a courier service specializing in artwork transportations.

To send us your artwork, you will have to sign up at the Artist’s Cabinet. We will ask you to give a short description of yourself. After registering on the site, we will contact you in case we will have any further questions.

As soon as you sign-up, the site will offer you a form to upload a photo image and a description of your artwork. Do not worry; we will not publish this photo image of your painting on Autstraction site. After we get the picture of your work, we will contact you to negotiate your painting’s terms of sale.

As soon as we agree on all the vital issues, we will hire a professional artwork transportation company to deliver your artwork to us.

Please note – we will be in the position to cover all transportation costs in case we have received required financing from our supporters. In case we will be short of resources, we will provide you with the guidelines on how exactly professional photographs of relevant Artwork shall be taken.


After delivery of your artwork to Autstraction, we will make high quality professional pictures of it and your painting will be published in “Gallery” section for everybody to admire it.

As said, as soon as your artwork is delivered to Autstraction, we will take professional pictures of it. Our photographers are specifically trained to handle tasks like this. We also guarantee safe and appropriate keeping of your painting.

Additionally, we will translate your description of the painting into all languages used by Autstraction. While doing this, we undertake to preserve the authenticity of your initially submitted text.

After completing all primary tasks, we will put your painting for sale on the Autstraction platform.


We will contact you as soon as the painting is sold, and we will transfer the proceeds within a few days.

You can easily track your painting’s status, listing, information on its location, and other issues concerning your artwork in your Artist’s Cabinet. Moreover, if you have anything you want to discuss with us, you can contact us anytime!

Once your artwork is sold, this information will be immediately reflected in your Artist’s Cabinet. We will deliver your artwork to the buyer only after we receive the payment. We will transfer the required amount to you immediately after the delivery of the artwork to the buyer. All information on the mentioned activities will be constantly presented in your Artist’s Cabinet.