We thank all supporters for their help and the opportunity for autistic people to express themselves.

Submit Artwork

Every autistic individual is invited to create and send us his visual work of abstraction.

We encourage you to create your artwork of abstraction as you see it. Please demonstrate to everybody the World you experience every day!


Please submit your Artwork via the Artist’s Cabinet to Autstraction. We will arrange your artwork delivery by a courier service specializing in artwork transportations.


When your Artwork is delivered to Autstraction, we will make professional high quality photos of it. Your creation will be listed in “Gallery” section for everybody to admire.


We will contact you as soon as the painting is sold, and we will transfer the proceeds within a few days.

News and events

Autstraction is socially active. We constantly create and participate in public events.


Please help us! Your donation improves lives of autistic people!

    Autstraction is collecting donations that will be spent to create socialisation instruments needed for people who have ASD.